Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use Authentication-Service

These are the terms of use for authentication service of KeyGames Network B.V. (“Azerion Connect”) and its connected websites, applications, portals and platforms etc. (collectively, the Services).
By offering its registration service (hereinafter referred to as the “Single Sign-on authentications service” or “SSO authentications service“), Azerion Connect provides a single platform from where users can be able to obtain the necessary login data for participating all Services.
To be able to use SSO authentications service, users first need to register an account and wait for the necessary login details to be sent and activated. After registration, the SSO authentications service is available to the participating portals and to users as a single tool for logging in to the various participating specialist portals.

1. Scope of application

These terms and conditions shall apply to the use of the Single Sign-on authentications service provided by AzerionConnect hereunder.

2. Azerion Connect services

2.1 For the purposes of the SSO authentications service offered by Azerion Connect, Single Sign-on (abbreviated “SSO”) means that after initial registration and authentication, users can log into, and access, all Services which use the SSO authentications service, using the same login details, without having to complete another registration process for each of those Services, as would otherwise be the case.

2.2 The SSO authentications service generates a unique user “identity” for each user which can be recognized and verified by all participating internet portals. This allows users, in addition, to have the data stored in their SSO account (e.g. their name and address and subscriptions purchased etc.) used automatically, e.g. to access their subscribed platforms without having to re-enter and re-verify the access data manually.

2.3 Use of the SSO authentications service itself is free of charge for the user.

3. Identification and registration

3.1 Users need to register an account to be able to use the SSO authentications service

3.2 The user represents and warrants that the personal information provided on his or her registration form, including, without limitation, his or her first name, date of birth and email address, is true and correct. In particular, users must not enter the details of others and are required to notify Azerion without undue delay if there is any change in the personal information they supplied.

3.3 Completion and submission of the registration form by the user constitutes an offer to Azerion Connect to enter into the agreement on use of the SSO authentications service (hereinafter also referred to as the “User Agreement”). Azerion Connect will accept this offer, subject to the provision of clause

3.4 by sending an email to the user’s email address confirming their successful registration, or by enabling the user to access the areas or content requiring registration once the registration form has been submitted. In either of these cases, the User Agreement shall be deemed to have been entered into.

3.5 Promptly after receipt of the registration form by Azerion Connect, the user will receive a confirmation email containing a unique link. By clicking this link, the user confirms that he or she received the email and that the address is really his or hers. This confirmation is required before users are able to use the SSO authentications service to log in or to use Services immediately after successful registration.

3.6 AzerionConnect reserves the right to refuse registrations on a case-by-case basis without stating reasons.

4. Use of login details, access to portals

4.1 You may create an account via Azerion Connect only if you are a “natural person” and 16 years of age or older. Note that certain features of the Services may not be available to minors. Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, partnerships, and other legal or business entities may not establish an account. Individuals prohibited by AzerionConnect from using the service may not create or use an account. By accepting this User Agreement, you hereby represent and warrant that you meet these eligibility requirements. If at any time Azerion Connect becomes aware that you have registered an account without meeting the foregoing requirements, Azerion Connect reserves the right to take steps to suspend, terminate, and/or delete the account.

4.2 Users will be able to access content and offerings of the participating the Services by entering their login details, i.e. usually their email address and password, into the respective login form.

4.3 The login details are intended to be used only by the respective user personally. Users must not disclose their login details, in particular their password, to anyone (including family members). Users must ensure that their login details, in particular their password, are kept confidential and secure at all times and are required to prevent any unauthorized use of the participating portals by third parties.

4.4 If a user becomes aware of or suspects any misuse of his or her login details, he or she shall notify Azerion Connect without undue delay. In the event of actual or suspected misuse of a user’s login details, Azerion Connect shall have the right to terminate his or her access to the Services immediately. If a user is responsible for such misuse of access details, he or she shall be liable for all consequences of use by a third party. In particular, a user shall be deemed responsible already if he or she enabled the unauthorized use of his or her login details through negligence. The liability of the user ends only if and when he or she has notified the Azerion Connect customer service by email (support@azerionconnect.com) of the unauthorized use of his or her login details and changed the password, if necessary.

4.5 The scope of access provided by the login details depends on the terms of use of the respective Services.

4.5 Azerion Connect cannot guarantee the continuous, uninterrupted, or error-free operability of SSO authentications service and the Services. There may be times when certain features, parts, content or entire of the SSO authentications service and/or the Services, become unavailable (whether on a scheduled or unscheduled basis) or are modified, suspended or withdrawn by us, in our sole discretion, without notice to you. You agree that we will not be liable to you or to any third party for any unavailability, modification, suspension or withdrawal of the SSO authentications service and/or the Services.

5. Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights in any content of the SSO authentications service and/or the Services (including text, graphics, software, and other images, videos, sound, trademarks, and logos) are owned by us, affiliates, or our licensors. Except as expressly set out in here, nothing in these terms of use gives you any rights in respect of any intellectual property owned by us or our licensors and you acknowledge that you do not acquire any ownership rights by downloading content from the Services, if any.

6. Termination or withdrawal of access

In the event that a user breaches these terms and conditions, in particular if a user provides incorrect data during or after registration and/or discloses or shares his or her login details, in particular his or her password, without authorization, Azerion Connect reserves the right to disable the login details of that user temporarily or permanently and/or terminate his or her access with immediate effect or within a period to be determined at our discretion and/or to terminate the User Agreement by extraordinary termination without notice. If this is the case, the user concerned will not be allowed to re-register without the express prior consent of Azerion Connect.

7. Termination of the User Agreement

7.1 The User Agreement is for an indefinite term. It may generally be terminated by either party, for convenience, without notice (subject, however, to clause 6.2) at any time. This shall be without prejudice to the right of either Party to terminate the User Agreement by extraordinary termination for cause. Notice must be given in text form, i.e. at least by email.

7.2 However, termination of the User Agreement with immediate effect would result in the user becoming unable to log in and, depending on the respective offering of a participating the Services, possibly also to access subscriptions he or she purchased, if any.

8. Data protection

Protecting the security and privacy of users’ personal data is of great importance to us. For full information on this, please refer to the SSO Privacy Policy

9. Limitation of Liability

Our sole and exclusive remedy for any dispute with us is to discontinue your use of SSO authentications service. Your sole remedy (and Azerion Connect or our parent company or our supplier’s exclusive liability) for any dispute with Azerion Connect is to stop using the service and to deactivate your account. If such remedies are deemed insufficient under any applicable law, Azerion Connect’s liability is instead limited to the lesser of 500 Euros or the minimum amount required by law.

10. Updates

Azerion Connect may modify this User Agreement, the Privacy Policy, and other specific terms and conditions which apply to particular content, products, or features of the Services, either completely or partially, or adopt new terms and conditions (collectively “updates”) from time to time, for any purpose and at its sole discretion.
Updates will, in principle, be made by posting the updated terms and conditions on the Services and will immediately take effect as of such date. However, some updates may be brought to your attention in other ways (e.g., pop-ups appearing during your use of the Services), and take effect immediately as of that date. By continuing to access or use the Services, after updates are made, you agree to be bound by the revised versions. It is solely your responsibility to watch out for any updates.
Azerion Connect also reserves the right to notify you of any updates via e-mail or other methods. However, these notifications will be additional, and in any case, updates shall take effect immediately upon being posted on the Services or otherwise brought to your attention.

11. Force Majeure

Azerion Connect shall not be responsible for any failure to perform any obligation or provide service hereunder because of any Act of God, strike, work stoppage, any law, order, governmental acts, directives, resolutions or practices of local or foreign authorities, terrorist acts, fire, flood, earthquake, war, riot, or civil commotion, malfunction in equipment, internet connection, infrastructure or any facilities, or any shortages, or forces beyond Azerion Connect’s reasonable control.

12. Severability

If any term, condition, or provision of this User Agreement shall be held to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent, such term, condition, or provision shall not affect the validity, legality, or enforceability of the other provisions of, or any other documents referred to in this User Agreement. Parties shall use all reasonable efforts to agree any substitute provisions for the invalid or unlawful provision having, as close as practicable, the same commercial effect.

13. Assignment

The user cannot assign his/her rights or obligations under this User Agreement to any third party without the prior written consent of Azerion Connect. Azerion Connect is free to transfer any of its rights, powers, debts, or obligations provided under this User Agreement, wholly or partially, to any third party, provided that it notifies the user of such transfer.

14. Assignment

Unless otherwise provided under this User Agreement, any notice or other communication required or permitted to be delivered to Azerion Connect under this User Agreement shall be in writing and in the English or other languages that is provided to user in the related Services, be deemed properly delivered, given, and received when delivered (by hand, by registered mail, by courier or express delivery service, or by e-mail) during business days, to the contact information set forth below, unless Azerion Connect has given a notice of a change of address by changing its address published on the Azerion Connect, the Services or in other ways.
E-mail address: support@azerionconnect.com
Phone: +31 (0) 20 760 20 40
Address: 1119 PX SCHIPHOL-RIJK The Netherlands

15. Waivers

No failure or delay on the part of Azerion Connect in exercising any power, right, privilege, or remedy under this User Agreement shall operate as a waiver of such power, right, privilege, or remedy; and no single or partial exercise or waiver of any such power, right, privilege, or remedy shall preclude any other or further exercise thereof or of any other power, right, privilege, or remedy. Azerion Connect shall not be deemed to have waived any claim arising out of this User Agreement, or any power, right, privilege, or remedy under this User Agreement, unless the waiver of such claim, power, right, privilege, or remedy is expressly set forth in a written instrument duly executed and delivered on behalf of Azerion Connect; and any such waiver shall not be applicable or have any effect except in the specific instance in which it is given.

16. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

This User Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of The Netherlands. Any claim, controversy, or dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be exclusively submitted to the courts of Amsterdam.